The Children

The Children

Grace Rosario


From the time I was born up to now you have always been there for me, my source of warmth and comfort, my greatest encouragement, my biggest fan, my confidante, my best friend and truest friend , my lawyer and most of all my precious father.

Zen, Grace, and Dedy

Remember the photo the time when I was about 2-3 years old you would dress me up nicely and the two of us would go to kiosko and plaza of San Jacinto and everybody would tell you how cute and lovely I am.You were my greatest source of strength growing up and I have always looked up to you and admired your qualities being a very good father to all of us wishing and hoping that I too could be the kind of person you are.

Dedy walking Grace down the aisle on her wedding day.

From the bottom of my heart I thank you for everything , for your incredible parenting has given us, a sense of self worth, determination and faith in myself.I love you papa very much from the bottom of my heart.

From your darling,


Ramon Emmanuel

Zen and Deyd with their kids (left to right): Roque Jacinto, Ramon Emmanuel, and Grace Rosario

Roque Jacinto

It was the closing exercises at the end of the school year. I was in Grade 1 or 2, I don’t remember. Papa, already the town mayor, was the guest speaker of the closing exercises. He pinned my second honor ribbons. I remember the sweater he wears in the photo: it is a knitted golden brown sweater that I even used when I was in college. Anyway, we were going back from Capaoay. Ma was there, Ate Grace and Kuya Ramon, maybe Agnes too. We were just walking from the school to the old house. It was very dark, especially dark when we passed by the road where a few days earlier, in their house, a well known town thief died. I remember going to the wake and seeing him wearing a barong tagalog with golden trimmings in front.

I remember that I was holding Papa’s hand when from the corner of my eyes, I saw, under the acacia tree and on the street corner, a man standing in the dark and wearing a barony tagalog with gold trimmings in front. It was the ghost of the town thief! My first and only time to see a ghost! Suddenly I felt that I was like floating, my feet not touching the ground, but thanks to Papa’s hand holding me firmly, I regained my balance and survived!

Another story that I have not told anyone yet has something to do with Religion. It happened when I was in high school. I was maybe second year high school in St. Martin’s. I had a classmate whose name is Leo Esguerra. We became good friends. He kept inviting me to a place where people gather to listen to an American man speaking. He was a Protestant speaker, associated with the worldwide Church of Christ, a Protestant community. One of their publications is entitled The Plain Truth. My friend Leo would always give me copies of The Plain Truth. I attended some of the talks of the Protestant speaker. I knew very little about the Catholic Faith and the arguments against the Catholic Church, its feasts and celebrations, seemed convincing to me then. My friend Leo and another friend have become Protestants when they invited me to become one too. I don’t know what happened to me but one night, I went up the master’s bedroom. Papa and Ma were there watching the television. I was standing near the door when I told both of them that I wanted to become Protestant. Papa just looked at me and said NO!
That was it. I did not become Protestant, thanks to Papa who said NO!


Dedy with daughter Agnes

Agnes Socorro

Papa is the best Father among all fathers … a good provider , loving husband to Mommy dearest, caring and loving to all of us, an honest , loyal and fun-loving friend to all his friends, a man with a sense of humour, a hardworking , honest and respected lawyer and lastly a man who’s name is not for sale.

I have so many special and memorable moments with Papa. I still remember he calls me Paneket ko….. meaning brown complexion!

We have the same tastebuds; we both love hopia mongo , adobong mani and siopao.
His love of food taught me how to cook at an early age . He would bring home fish heads and would ask me to cook him sinigang na ulo sa miso. Papa, thank you so much for your influence that continues to inspire the food I cook for my family.

Papa, I will always treasure our times together working at GSIS, I have learned so many things from you… your people skills , your honesty and your generosity. I thank God for giving us the best Father ever!
Thank you Papa for everything ! I love you so much