Eulogy: By Gerard Ross Reyes

Eulogy: By Gerard Ross Reyes

Good morning family and friends of our beloved Lolo Dedy, my name is osos and i would like to share some experiences and express how much lolo diddy meant to me.

I met Lolo and Lola from as far as my memory can go. Mommy and Papa were my first parents in life, they raised me and took care of me for nearly 8 years. Lolo diddy was the one who took me the doctors when i was sick, he took me to school before his work at RNB, he would feed me and buy me lots and lots of food. The most common words that would come out of Lolo’s mouth was ‘Patreng Gutong si os!’. He would do anything to make me happy. he put me first always, and he taught me how to love and put others before myself. Lolo influenced all of us in many ways, but one thing that he always told me was to LOVE and support eachother at all times.

When i was still a baby i would sleep inbetween lolo and lola, and every single day when i would wake up, lola would be washing dishes and next to the bed was Lolo in his rocking chair eating breakfast next to the bed whilst watching CNN. Then after breakfast, we would talk about politics and gloria macapagal ario. We would then go back to bed to where i would go back to sleep right next to him.

When i was 2, Lola would buy me small sized isomilk from hitop market next to Lolo’s work. On Lolo’s pay day he would go to the shop by himself after work to buy the largest and best isomilk in Manila, he would then call Mommy ‘koripot’

During my 4th birthday, i had a one week celebration spoilt by mommy and papa. I was playing, running and yelling around the garage of the kamuning house. I remember running across the street, when a jeep was speeding down the lane, beeping and yelling. I was pushed from behind and i flew onto the other side of the street as the jeep sped past. I looked back and it was Lolo Dedy on the ground on his knees hurt, i ran towards him and cried and cried. He took me upstairs put me to sleep, he told me never to do that again and not to tell Lola because i would be in trouble. Lolo saved my life… From Mommy.

When i was a young, spoilt and stubborn. In kamuning before we went to sleep, i told Lolo that i wanted him to live forever. I asked him 1000 times to promise me that he would never die, he never answered until i was in bed crying myself to sleep, and then he said ‘i promise i will always be with you.’
Hearing those words suddenly made me sleep peacefully as he wrapped his arms around me.

Lolo’s number one motto in life was to love and support eachother. His aim was complete and this is proven by the beautiful upbringing of their children, my Tita’s, Tito’s my dad, and also the San Jacinto people that love him. I wish to be like him one day and have the same values and heart as him. My lolo was the strongest and most caring man i’ve ever met.

I love you Lolo Diddy anga poi tila pexman ko talaga.