Teodulfo “Dedy” Reyes: 1925 – 2017

Teodulfo “Dedy” Reyes: 1925 – 2017

Teodulfo Leonardo Lopez Reyes, also known by his nickname “Dedy,” was one of the greatest mayors of San Jacinto, Pangasinan. He served from 1964 to 1967, which many citizens of the town fondly recalls as the golden years.

Dedy was also a loving husband to the former Zenaida Esperanza Mendoza Lomboy and a caring father to nine children: Grace Rosario, Ramon Emmanuel, Roque Jacinto, Agnes Socorro, Zenia Fatima, Maria Victoria, Gerardo Jose, Jesus Martin, and Teodulfo Leo, Jr.

Dedy was grandfather to 16 grandchildren: Gracielle Bernadine, Maria Theresa, Rubylou, Chiara Corazon, Jose Maria, Rowland Anthony, Ragan John, Alyssa Judith, Valeen Torreciudad, Justin Cedric, Gerard Ross, Augustus Reginald, Ivory Gem, Joseph Herald, Ebony Hope, and Teodulfo Jose.

He was also a loving father-in-law to Benedicto, Marilou, Roland, Errol, Rose, Kristine, and Sheryl.

With his unconditional love and service to his family, friends, and people of San Jacinto, Dedy will forever live in their hearts and minds.

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  1. When I arrived in NJ from Manila last January to be with Papa, I went to Hawthorne see him right away. The first thought that came to my mind when I saw him was “Papa is going to die.” So I celebrated Mass for him, gave him a small piece of the consecrated host for his communion, then gave him the anointing of the sick. I asked Ate Grace why he was not wearing his scapular. Ate Grace said that his scapular was placed in the pocket of his pajama top because it gets entangled. I pinned on his shirt a miraculous medal of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The next day he looked much better. The swelling of his face had subsided though his skin was peeling off fast. Another Mass, a bigger piece of the host, another anointing of the sick. He was getting better.
    Maybe it was on the third day when I asked him to rethink about his burial in San Jacinto, Pangasinan. I was giving him several reasons to convince him that it was not a practical idea. I was applying lotion on his face. His eyes were closed. Though he said ok to my ideas, I could not help but notice tears flowing from his eyes to the side of his face.
    When he died, I learned that he told Mommy that he would not be happy if he were not to be buried in San Jacinto.

  2. By consolidating efforts of family and friends that drew in together, his desire granted. I’m sure he is watching us smiling in heaven😇. We miss you Papa. We gonna miss your calmness, your kindness, your blow-outs, pasalubong (siopao etc), your visits, video chats and calls. We will continue your legacy with your guidance. We firmly believe that you will live in our hearts forever. We love you😚

  3. I still remember when he will fetch us (lola zen)after work and the three of us will eat at goldilocks (farmers cubao). He will always request for his favorite chicken pie.. i miss you my lolo dedy

  4. 5 years ago the last time we’ve chat..
    I still remember the word you say, ” Salamat ed pinambisitam? Unla kami lad America, nu kapawil mi walay abet mo” , wearing Reyes trademark smiling face, Chinito eyes.. After a while, ” Julie, angan ka la? Walay lauya ditan pakan mo pa Zenny”..
    Haist.. Nakakalungkot naman.. Yon na pala yong huli nating pagkikita😥😥😥

  5. Thanks for sharing his Beautiful Life & thoughts from Father Roque . Tio Dedy , you will surely be miss by Tia Zeny & all your loving family .May the Sweet & Loving Memories of Tio Dedy bring comfort & peace & keep you all strong everyday. Praying that you will have a safe trip back home & the power of God’s Spirit will fill all your hearts with hope , peace & joy on the days ahead . We love you all very much. Alice & Alex Reyes 🌹🌹🌹🎂🎂🎂❤❤❤

    1. Thank you Kuya Alex and Ate Alice. Papa died so peacefully. There was no agony at all. When I was preparing him to die, I was telling him “Pa, it is not bad to die. To die is to go home to God. At 91 years old, you have so much to thank God for. All your children have grown up. You have done much.” He was listening to me with his eyes closed. His last Holy Communion was the one I gave him during my last Mass in NJ before flying back. I also gave him his last anointing of the sick.

  6. One of the hardest things a person has to do in life is to write something on the passing of a loved one. Feb.16,2017 was the saddest day of my life when I witnessed how my beloved and loving papa passed away.

    On Feb 14, 2017, it was Valentines Day and he requested Ana , his caregiver to dress him up with his long sleeve polo shirt that Ana gave him. According to mommy and Ana he was looking for me and asked him why. He replied “I want to see Grace bec. I am going to die.” Before Ana left that day she tried to remove the shirt but refused.

    On Feb. 15, 2017, at 8:00 AM I went to check on him and asked him what he wanted me to cook and he said ” tinolang manok.” So I cooked, fed him and he ate pretty good and asked for water. That evening, about 8:30pm I went to check on him which I always do, cleaned him up, give him his medicines , apply Renew lotion and moisturize his entire body and reposition him to his left side and to make sure that he was very comfortable and not in any pain. I noticed that night that he was clean and dry so I told him to drink lots of water and said ok and asked for more water, and instructed mommy to keep giving him water.

    That morning of Feb. 16, 2017, about 9:00Am, I went to check on him again and found out that he was still clean and dry. Ana, started feeding him breakfast and told Ana to give him water bec he had not urinated yet for about 12 hours. I told papa to eat and drink , looked at me and nodded and looked at mommy. So I told him that I was going out with my husband Ben to do food shopping , looked at me and left the room to take a shower, when all of a sudden I heard Ana calling me to check papa. I ran and found him unresponsive and not breathing so I immediately called my husband Ben to check papa.When he saw papa with no respiration and no pulse he immediately performed CPR while I called 911 for paramedics to come.they did CPR continuously and brought him to Valley Hospital in Ridgewood , New Jersey. The hospital code team did everything to save papa’s life but unfortunately they were unable to save him.

    God had already called him to go home to his real home and be with the Lord. My papa passed away very peacefully and did not struggle.That moment when he looked at mommy and looked at me, I had no idea that he already wanted to say goodbye. Papa it really broke my heart to lose a wonderful and loving father. You left us with many happy and unforgettable memories. It is not very easy , however, such events are inevitable. May papa’s soul Rest In Peace . In my heart you will live forever . I will always remember what you kept telling us to love, respect and help one another and most ESP. to take care of mommy , love her and comfort her. I will miss you papa and I love you dearly.

  7. To Our Beloved Tio Dedy.

    Our deepest condolence to our aunt and cousins who are the ever-loving family of Tio Dedy. Remembering Tio Dedy all these years, he was a great family man, nice, caring, respectful individual. He was a loving husband to his beautiful wife Tia Zeny and loving affectionate father to his successful professional children – Grace, Ramon, Zenia, Agnes, Jerry, Jim, Father Roque, Vicky and Ted Jr. Tio Dedy was one of the best mayor of San Jacinto and was well loved by the people. At present the people of San Jacinto are waiting for him to come home to say their final farewell to a great man. He was a great lawyer who graduated from the U.P. College of Law, Vice of President of Insular Life in Makati Rizal, General Manager of GSIS in Manila etc.… Tio Dedy and Tia Zeny lived in New Jersey, U.S.A. with some his children/grandchildren these past year. His other children from Australia and Philippines often comes here to visit them. They are a closely knit loving family. We will miss you. We love you. God bless and our prayers for you always.

    Angel & Ofelia Roque
    Dr. Rex. R. Marinas
    Dr. Christine Roque-Dang & Family
    Edna M. Marki & Family
    Ellen M. De Jesus & Family
    Jonathan M. Roque

  8. Condolences to Auntie Zeny, children, their children’s husbands, wives and grandchildren!
    I cried and was very sad when Grace texted me, papa is gone!
    I recalled when we were in San Jacinto, asked Tio Dedy to help me with wordings on a legal matter! I was so impressed how his mind works, very smart and mentally sharp, no signs of aging at all! Very well done! I miss Tio Dedy! May he Rest In Peace!

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